About Us

Hi, I’m Colton Barney! The creator behind the Patched MX. In 2014, I started Patched MX from a love for motocross and pro racing. 

It all began with my desire to re-create Ken Roczen's laughing, crying emoji butt patch. This led me to mess around with hot glue and various materials until I was satisfied with the result; a perfect replica!  

Since then I've invested countless hours learning graphic design, researching the best durable materials, and mastering the sewing skills to bring YOUR custom idea to life! 

I take pride in creating the majority of the products you see!

Here at Patched MX, we strive to produce the highest quality butt patches, along with durable fully customizable seat covers, jersey IDs, and other custom products. 

Our mission is simple: to provide durable, high-quality custom products that the pros wear to you at a reasonable price, and allowing you to create what you want not just what's available